Let's bring back Luvinia to it's best !
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 Give me your comments =)

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PostSubject: Give me your comments =)   Wed Feb 24, 2016 8:57 am

You just need to click on post reply at the bottom of the page and tell me what you have in mind. Anything that
could help making Luvinia become even more awesome! Thank You !
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PostSubject: Re: Give me your comments =)   Fri Mar 18, 2016 1:29 am

Currents updates we wish to bring to Luvinia:

-No old characters retrieving, we though offer them a plan to give them some items back, there will be more details later on.

- I am planning to allow pk, with some modifications as to bring some more notoriety of crimes, to avoid the pk harrassments.

-Bring some levels restriction for alto wars such as 90-92/93-94/95-96/97-98/and lvl 99 with lvl 100 to make it more fair and challenging.

-Having a fully functional 3D camera ( improving graphics if its possible as well)

-Getting more fashions

-Have wings with better speed

-More alternatives hours for doing quests events (such as the one for getting nightmare gears), still limit to 1 time quest per day.

-I plan to allow 1 vip blessing 7 days limit per month for auto-battle.

-Never loosing starlights for your mounts upgrades

-Having a fishing feature with a system of points, to buy stuffs in a shop

-Decreasing the amount needed of some items for making nightmares gears.

-Adding storyline and more quests after lvl 90

-Make weddings less costly

-Silvers to be converted into gold

-Improving drop rates in some situations: boss cards

-Balance better the bosses dungeons

-Impliment a mute button for characters voices and add more voices

-Balancing the characters classes

-Adding more colors choices for the hairstyles

Leave us your suggestions and opinions about thoses, tyvm !
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Give me your comments =)
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